Are Cowboy Boots Business Casual? If Yes, then How?

Do you want to find out the acceptability of cowboy boots for business casual? We understand your love for cowboy boots, as these boots are considered among the most fashionable boots. It’s essential to know as wearing the wrong boots on the job can make you face embarrassment.

Are Cowboy Boots Business Casual

Employers want to see their employees properly dressed in formal suits. However, some employers allow business casual suits so that their employees can work comfortably in the workplace. The casual and formal dresses are clearly defined, but when it comes to business casual, there comes a lot of confusion in mind that whether these boots, shoes, shirts, or jackets are perfect for the business casual or not.

Today you want to find about the acceptability of cowboy boots for business casuals. We thought to explain this answer in detail, so all the confusion in your mind clarifies after reading this article. First of all, it depends on your organization, whether they allow wearing these boots in the workplace or not. In the United States and some parts of Canada, cowboy boots are considered acceptable, so you can wear them. However, the rules and traditions are not the same all over the world. If you live in any other country, then you have to look around or ask your employer.

If you want to go to a business meeting, then remember, we have seen Bill Clinton and Al Gore wearing cowboy boots in the business meeting. It all depends on the confidence and the way you wear the whole dress. Carrying the whole attire is the real thing. If you are worried that how the cowboy boots look good in business casual, then don’t worry anymore. We’ll share some tips that will help you look good wearing these boots.

Tips for Wearing Cowboy Boots for Business Casual

You should know that cowboy boots are not formal. That’s why you have to pair your business casual dress with it smartly. We have got some of the best tips for you.


  • Pick cowboy boots with a round toe or ropers because they give a feel of dress boots. Nobody will have a problem with those boots. In fact, they will look appealing at your workplace.
  • Try to pick basic color boots, like brown or black.
  • Never put spurs on your cowboy boots; they will not go well with a business casual dress.


  • If you are wearing jeans, then try to wear dark-colored jeans with a closed-fitting. Light-colored jeans will not look good with cowboy boots. Jeans must have a boot cut. If your job requirement is wearing dress pant, you can wear with them as well. Again choose the closed-fitted dress pants. You can also wear them with khaki or slacks pants.
  • Never tuck your pants in the boots, whether they are dress pants or jeans. Pants tucked in boots will not look good in the office environment.
  • If you wish to wear dress trousers with cowboy boots, you can wear them. Keep in mind, if you are wearing the dress trousers, make sure there is enough space in the trousers because cowboy boots have a high shaft. If there is not enough space, then the high, wide shaft will be clearly visible, and it will look odd.


  • Don’t wear a t-shirt because that will not look good in a business casual dress. T-shirts only look good with a complete casual dress. However, you can wear a polo t-shirt. The best way is to wear a plain white collard shirt. That will look good with western boots and also fulfills the requirement of business casual dress.


  • Try to wear a dress jacket. It will make a perfect combo with cowboy boots. You will stand out in the office or in the meeting with this combination.


  • Never wear cowboy hats; they will not go well with business casual dress.


  • Match the belt color with boots. It’s better to pick the leather belt. Don’t go for an overdecorated belt. Just pick a decent belt that can go well in the office.


  • Proper color matching will make you look good. If you are wearing a black color suit, then wear black cowboy boots. Similarly, if you are wearing a brown color dress, then wear brown cowboy boots.

How to Stand Out Wearing Cowboy Boots With Business Casual?

Remember, confidence is the key to stand out. No doubt, western boots are stylish and classy. These boots make you look stand out, and they also give you confidence at your workplace. You have to feel proud while wearing them. If the entire dressing is perfect and going well with the boots, then believe us, you are standing out.

Don’t forget to keep the boots clean because dirty boots will ruin your image in no time. If you don’t know how to keep your boots clean, then follow our guide for cleaning boots. Try to match the boot color with your dressing. The boots should be appropriately fitted to your feet. Properly fitted boots give you grip and confidence while walking. If you don’t know how boots should fit, then please follow our boot fitting guide. All these things, along with confidence, are enough to stand out.

What Not to Wear With Cowboy Boots in the Office Environment?

There are few dresses that you should avoid wearing in the office environment along with your cowboy boots. These apparels will make you look odd and may not go well with business casuals.

  • Don’t wear bright color pants, as they will not look good with cowboy boots.
  • Don’t wear clothes with holes, as they are not appropriate for the office environment.
  • Never wear too short dresses; they will not look good with cowboy boots. Moreover, too short dresses are not appropriate for the office environment.
  • Avoid wearing a mix-matched pattern. Try to follow a proper color scheme. Your pants, shirt, and boots in completely different colors may make you look odd. Don’t give people a reason to laugh at you because that’s how you can lose confidence.
  • Too loose clothes may make you look odd and may look go well with the business casual.
  • Ladies shouldn’t wear backless shirts. Backless shirts are not appropriate for business casuals.
  • Avoid wearing wrinkled clothes. You will look very odd and unprofessional in wrinkled clothes.
  • Don’t wear clothes with too much text or big logos. They will not look good in the office environment. However, you can wear such clothes in casual meetings, but not in the office.

The Bottom Line

If there is no strict policy in your office, then yes, you can wear cowboy boots in the office because these boots are acceptable business casuals. First, you have to confirm your office’s policy. In the United States and various parts of Canada, western boots are considered acceptable for business casual. Keep in mind, if you plan to wear cowboy boots in the office, you have to take care of many other things. We have shared a complete guide in this article. Don’t forget to follow that guide.

Either you stand out in these boots or not, it depends upon your entire attire. Moreover, confidence is the key to stand out. Wear the right attire and feel confident. That’s how you will stand out wearing cowboy boots in the office.

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