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Whenever you think of buying cowboy boots, you may consider; are cowboy boots comfortable for your feet? Because comfort is the most important factor which matters in all kinds of boots or shoes. If the boots are not comfortable, there is no purpose in spending money on such items.

Are cowboy boots comfortable

Keep in mind; one thing is common among all the boots; they should perfectly fit your feet. If the boots are bigger or smaller than your feet, they won’t be comfortable, even if you buy the most luxurious boots. So whenever you buy the boots, make sure to buy the right size; otherwise, you will waste your money.

The first thing about cowboy boots that attract people is their outclass look. They look stunning and come for men, women, and kids. But the question is, are cowboys boots comfortable? Yes, they are very comfortable boots to wear. Cowboy boots are one of the most comfortable boots for women, men, and, kids. You’ll love wearing and walking in cowboy boots. They provide a solid grip, a high level of safety, and a great level of comfort. But make sure to buy superior quality cowboy boots from a renowned brand. Low-quality cowboy boots will not provide you much comfort; only good quality cowboy boots will.

Why are the cowboy boots so comfortable?

Cowboy boots are really comfortable because of the following reasons.

Heel lift

Cowboy boots contain a built-in heel lift. This heel lift helps reduce the Achilles tendon’s weight, decreasing the ankles’ stress, making these boots comfortable to wear.

Heel to toe metal plate

The heel to toe metal plate in the cowboy boot provides extra support to your foot. Due to this support, you’ll be walking in these boots.

Easy to wear or remove

All boots with laces create difficulty while wearing or removing the boots. You need some time while tying up the boots’ laces or untying them while removing the boots. It’s uncomfortable, especially for lazy people, but the cowboy boots don’t contain laces, making these boots easy to wear or remove.

Even If you are in a hurry, you just need to wear the socks and insert your feet in the cowboy boots. You can remove these boots in a few seconds, as you don’t have to untie the laces.

Due to the high shaft, there is no need for laces, as the high shaft provides a strong grip, making you walk or run freely without being worried about your feet getting out of boots.

What to look for while getting comfortable cowboy boots?

Whenever you are looking to buy cowboy boots, you may ask yourself, how comfortable are cowboy boots? Keep the following points in mind. These points play an important role in the comfort level of cowboy boots.

Leather type

The quality and type of leather really matter when looking for the comfort level of boots. Moreover, high-quality leather also increases the price of boots. These leathers can be made from cowhide, alligator, goatskin, snakeskin, elephant leather, lizard leather, ostrich leather, horsehide, kangaroo leather, and many more. The comfort level and price of all these leathers vary.

Most commonly, you’ll find cowhide leather in the cowboy boots. It is comfortable but requires maintenance as well. The horsehide is becoming more popular in recent years due to its long-lasting durability and low maintenance as compared to cowhide. But, the horsehide is expensive as well compared to cowhide. The kangaroo leather is also one of the toughest and thickest leather, but this leather requires maintenance periodically.

Sole type

The sole type also matters, as it also plays an important role in the boot’s comfort level. Moreover, it also depends on the purpose of buying cowboy boots. If you are looking for these boots for horse riding or dancing purposes, then the leather sole is recommended for you.

If you are looking for work purposes where you have to perform more physical activities, we recommend you get cowboy boots with synthetic soles containing thread on their bottom. The synthetic soles tend to last longer. Moreover, they are slip-resistant, providing you safety at your workplace.

Shaft height

The shaft’s height depends upon your desire. Commonly, you’ll find cowboy boots with a shaft equals to your knee’s height.


Insoles are important, as you have to wear these boots for hours, so what’s under your feet matters a lot. The major part of the feet’ comfort depends upon the type of insoles used in the boots. The EVA-cushioned insoles in the cowboy boots can make your feet comfortable. Before purchasing the cowboy boots, make sure to read the description of the boots thoroughly. In the description box, you will get the full detail of the boots. The boots may look classy from the outside, but what’s inside the boots can only be determined by reading the boots’ description.


Never compromise on size. If your desired cowboy boots don’t fit your feet, never buy them. The boots which are either bigger or smaller than your feet will create discomfort. If the cowboy boots are smaller than your feet, they will cause pain to your feet. You won’t be able to wear small boots for a long time. If the boots are bigger than your feet, your feet will keep on slipping in them. You won’t walk stably. That’s why the right size for your feet is necessary. If the boots are half-inch bigger than your feet, it means they are perfect for you. Your toe should easily wiggle in the toe box. Your ankle shouldn’t be too tight with the backside of boots.

How to make cowboy boots more comfortable?

how to make cowboy boots more comfortable

Though the cowboy boots are already very comfortable, still, you can take their comfort to the next level by following the tips mentioned below.

Insert insoles

Insoles can provide extra comfort to your feet. If you have all day work on tough ground like concrete, you can provide some extra cushioning to your feet with insoles. Get some good memory foam or some other insoles and make your cowboy boots super comfortable.

Get a pair of good socks

Don’t wear thin and short socks in the cowboy boots. They are not suitable for these boots. Always get good quality long and thick socks. You will feel really comfortable with these socks in the cowboy boots.

Stretch your cowboy boots

Sometimes boots are too tight that makes you really uncomfortable. Stretching the boots can increase the comfort level of the boots. You can stretch with heat, steam, or the boot stretcher.

You may feel uncomfortable in the beginning while wearing brand new cowboy boots

The reason you may feel uncomfortable at the start is the break-in time. It doesn’t matter what kind of boots or shoes you are wearing; all of them require a break-in time. After that, those boots or shoes become comfortable according to your feet.

The cowboy boots are tough, and the leather is also very durable. That’s why cowboy boots need some extra time to break-in. After that, you’ll feel super comfortable in the cowboy boots. However, you can quickly break-in by following this cowboy boots break-in method. This method will help you in making comfortable easily and quickly.

A common myth about cowboy boots

There is a common myth about cowboy boots. Many people believe that cowboy boots are uncomfortable due to pointed toe box, squeaky sound, and their heel slip in them. The truth is, it doesn’t matter what the shape of the toe box is; if the size is right, your toe can wiggle in it, there is no need to worry. Your toes will not get jammed in the toe box.

If the cowboy boot’s heel is leather made, it will make a squeaking sound. The reason for the squeaking sound is, the heels are made after combining several layers of leather. When these layers rub against each other, they make a squeaking sound. But it doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with the boots. Still, if you are uncomfortable with the squeaking sound, you can apply a leather conditioner on the outer part of the boots’ heels. The leather conditioner will soften the leather, making it expand a bit, which will help eliminate the squeaking sound.

If your heel slips in these boots, and you think you have bought the bigger size, then you are wrong. In the cowboy boots, your heels are supposed to get slip about ¼ of an inch. If your heel is slipping this much, it means the size is correct; you will get used to it after some time. There is nothing wrong with it.

Keep in mind; cowboy boots are one of the best comfortable boots; they are made with soft and supple leather.

What kind of cowboy boots are most comfortable?

Frequently Asked Questions

Are cowboy boots bad for your feet?

If you have normal toes, then the cowboy boots are not bad for you. However, if you have hammertoes or bunions, then these boots are bad for you. The cowboy boots have a narrow toe box, so it can cause pain to your hammertoes. Moreover, if you have flat feet, then cowboy boots without the arch support can cause pain to your feet.

Are cowboy boots uncomfortable at first?

Just like other boots, cowboy boots also need break-in time. That’s why, at the start, you may not feel entirely comfortable in them. It will take some time. Once the break-in period is over, they will be super comfortable. Make sure you have bought the right size for your feet. If the size is not right, these boots will remain uncomfortable for you forever.

The Bottom Line

The cowboy boots are really comfortable to wear. They look stylish and classy. They are comfortable for many reasons, including heel lift, heel to toe metal plate, and easy to wear and remove. However, as these are tough boots, so you have to wait for a little until they break-in. After the break-in period, you will feel super comfortable while wearing these boots.

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