Are Doc Martens Good For Snow? Why Are They Not The Ideal Choice?

You can wear Doc Martens boots in the snow. These are one of the world’s most popular boots, but there are some issues that keep them from being exceptional cold-weather boots. You have to consider the weather condition while wearing Dr. Martens because there are many chances Doc martens may not perform well in the snow because they don’t have features of snowboard boots. These are not good in harsh weather conditions. Their leather is thin and not insulated, making your feet get cold when you spend more than one hour outside. Their grip is decent, but you can’t say it’s perfect for ice. You can wear thick wool socks to wear the Doc Martens in the snow.

Are Doc Martens good for snow

These boots are uniquely identified for their air-cushioned sole, top shape, welted construction, and yellow stitching. You can look at the following aspects of the Doc Martens boots if you have decided to wear them in snow.

What to Look For in Doc Martens For Snowy Weather?

1- Waterproof or not

Waterproofing can vary in Dr. Martens depending upon their shape, cut, and material. Most Doc martens are not waterproof. Although if they are not waterproof, you can still protect them from unwanted patches. You can use the shoe protector on the areas where you don’t want any water patches. Moreover, if the boots are not completely waterproof, your feet can get wet in the rainy weather or while standing in the snow, which can be quite uncomfortable and painful. However, now few Doc martens are waterproof, so make sure to get only those waterproof boots if you are thinking of wearing them in the snow.

2- Warm or not

It’s another important aspect of the Doc Martens boots. These are not the boot that keeps you cozy and warm as they have thin leather. The thin lining of the Doc Martens boots comes in handy when it gets icy. Still, if you want to wear them in the winter season, you can try to wear the thick winter wool socks with your Doc Martens boots. It may help to keep your feet warm and cozy.

3- Comfortable or not

The winter boots should be comfortable to wear as walking on ice and snow is itself a tough task. You have to break in your Doc Martens boots before wearing them for a whole day. They can be very uncomfortable during the breaking-in period and can lead your feet to blisters. But once you break them in, they can be your most comfortable boots. Please go through this break-in steel toe boots guide to speed up this process.

4- Slip-resistant or not

They have a rubber sole, which gives a fair amount of traction on the snow and on the wet floor. However, don’t expect the same good traction on the ice. Their lug pattern is not much deeper to give you complete control over the ice or in the deep snow; in fact, the chances of getting slipped are greater in such conditions. If you plan to wear Doc martens in the snow, make sure to give them additional chain support. Chains for shoes reduce the chances of slipping on the snow or ice.

5- Does snow damage them?

Does snow damage doc martens

Dark Martens are made with leather, which does not go well with the snow. That’s why these are not ideal for snow. The snow can damage their leather. It’s a misconception that salt helps you in such situations by melting down the snow. Usually, salt dissolves on the liquid water on the ice’s surface and takes its temperature lower than the freezing point. It will do the same in this case, but it will also ruin the shoes. Make sure not to use salt.

6- The arch support of Doc Martens

These boots are specially designed for people who can’t tolerate the high arch support. Their flexible soles can accommodate your arches quite nicely. So if you are looking for a little arch support, you can try an over-the-counter insert.

Features of Good Winter Boots

features of good winter boots

All of the above aspects ensure the best boots for winter. Let’s look at some main characteristics of good winter boots.

  • The good winter boots have a rubber outsole with cleats and lugs, which provide the best traction to hold in the snow. Even the rubber outsole without good cleats and lugs can’t hold you on extreme snow or ice. That’s why good cleats and lugs are also necessary.
  • Good winter boots always have waterproof uppers to ensure that the water can’t sip into the boots when the snow melts.
  • They should have 800 grams of insulation to keep the feet warm in cold winter. Such boots are enough to keep the feet warm and safe from the coldness of outside snow.
  • The ideal winter boots always have a soft cushioned insole to keep your feet comfortable in the cold.
  • Avoid wearing low shaft boots as the snow can easily enter your boots due to the low shaft. We recommend you wear mid or high shaft boots.

Some Alternative Boots For Snow

From all the above discussion, we can say that the Dr. Martens boots are not ideal for snow. But you can use the other plenty of options. Some of them are as follows.

  • The first one is the Merrel thermos overlook 2, which are the best winter boots for men and women. These boots contain insulation to keep your feet warmer throughout the winter. Also, they have a good lug pattern to provide a solid grip and traction in snowy conditions. They are mid-shaft boots that can easily prevent snow from entering the boots.
  • You can also wear the Ugg Adirondack III and Ugg Butte during winter; both are available for men and women. These boots are known for their proven capability on snow. You’ll love walking in these boots due to their flexibility and perfect fitting. These are lightweight boots and can resist your feet from the cold breeze, which keeps your feet cozy.
  • The third choice can be Columbia Bugaboot III, which is famous for its best traction on ice. These are waterproof with a great heat management system. Their deep lugs can provide great traction over extremely icy conditions.

How to Make Dr. Martens Boots Comfortable For Snow?

how to make doc martens comfortable for snow

If you already have Doc Martens boots and looking to wear them as your winter boos, you can use the below hack tricks to get the maximum comfort from your Doc Martens boots during the winter.

  • If your Doc Martens boots are not offering great traction in the snow, you can take sandpaper and rub it on the outsoles. This will give an uneven rough texture to outsoles. You can also rub the outsole on a piece of rough rock or stone.
  • Although you can get the water-resistant Doc Martens boots, however, you can also make them waterproof to get good performance in snow. You have to clear your boots thoroughly. Now apply dress drops of mink oil, which behave as a waterproofing layer on the boots. Finish it with the waterproofing spray for leather boots.
  • The faux-fur lining of the Doc Martens boots is not enough to keep you from the freezing cold. So, you can wear the thick woolen pair of socks over your normal socks to keep your feet enough warmth. You can also insert an insulated layer inside your boots.

Which Doc Martens Should You Get For Snow?

which doc martens should you get for the snow

Many people love the look of Doc Martens boots and don’t think of any other boots. You can especially look for 1460 Waterproof Doc Martens Boots if you absolutely love the Doc Martens styles. They already have an added waterproof protector and are lightly insulated, making them the best Doc Martens boots for winter. At least wear the thick wool socks if you have already decided to wear the Doc Martens boots in colder weather. These socks give much-needed warmth to the feet.

Is Doc Martens Waterproof?

are dr. martens waterproof

Most of the Doc Martens are not waterproof, though they are quite water-resistant due to their heat bonded Goodyear welt. They can get waterlogged easily due to their thin leather. If you wear the Doc Martens and your socks are getting wet, it is most likely due to the waterlogged leather. You can use the waterproofing spray or mink oil to waterproof your Doc Martens. But if the leather starts to show signs of aging and is on the verge of cracking, you can’t do much. However, now we have seen some waterproof Doc martens; if you get one of them, you can save yourself from the additional effort of making them waterproof.

Will My Doc Martens be Ruined in The Snow?

will my doc martens be ruined in snow

Yes, your Doc Martens can be ruined in snow due to their thin leather. There is a chance you can waterlog your Doc Martens boots, which can tighten the leather and be responsible for cracks. So, the best thing you can do is to treat your Doc Martens leather boots with waterproofing spray or mink oil.

The Bottom Line

No doubt, you can wear the Doc Martens boots in the snow. But these are not the right choice to wear in the snow, especially in harsh weather conditions. You have to make a lot of additional efforts like waterproofing them, wearing thick wool socks, and adding chain support to the boot’s outsole to make them good for extreme snow. If you want to enjoy the snowy evenings and save yourself from additional efforts, try to wear the alternatives. The Winter collection is the best choice for throughout the snowy days without any worries. Whichever boots you are going to wear during winter, it’s recommended to treat your boots with leather waterproofing spray or mink oil before wearing them in the snow.


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