Are Logger Boots Good for Hiking? Read Experts’ Opinion

You have seen people wearing hiking boots while going on a trek, but what makes them special? It’s always the certain features that make them comfortable to wear on hiking. You can also consider logger boots for hiking because they contain all those features that hiking boots contain. Logger boots are heavy-duty work boots specially designed for harsh outdoor conditions. You can make them good hiking boots due to their ankle support along with good traction commonly found on their soles, which play an important role in wet and uneven surfaces.

Are logger boots good for hiking

Their raised heel is also compatible with climbing spurs. The sturdy upper material of the logger boots is very flexible and keeps you stable on difficult terrain. Their names come from the logger industry as these boots are specially designed for the logger industry workers. These boots are an excellent choice for those looking for tough and comfortable boots to climb up the mountain easily because they can keep them on their feet, providing ultimate comfort throughout the journey. Logger boots are commonly used by linesmen, land surveys, hunters, trekkers, bikers, and many other professionals.

Logger Boots Features

As mentioned earlier, some common features between the logger and hiking boots make them a good choice for hiking. What are those features, and why do they make these boots compatible with hiking? Let’s discuss them.

1. High ankle

This is one of the main features which makes the logger boots a good choice for hiking. Their shaft can reach up to 9 inches high, giving solid support to the ankle. Their ankle height allows you to go through the thick foliage without any scratches or lower leg injury. They also keep your ankles stable on hiking trips and prevent ankle rolls. Farmers, ranchers, fence workers, ditch crews, and many other workers benefit from logger boots.

2. Square-toe

Logger boots have a squarer toe, which provides you a rigid grip as compared to narrow toe boots. Moreover, it is good for people who suffer from toe swelling. After hiking for hours, there are many chances that your toes swell, which can be problematic if you are wearing narrow toe boots because they’ll cause pain in your toes. However, square toes have ample space in the toe area, providing enough room for the swelled toes.

3. Traction

The solid traction of the logger boots, regardless of the condition, also makes them good hiking boots. They prevent you from usual slips on both wet and dry surfaces. The high heels can dig down into the terrain to find a solid footing. They also have lugs on the soles, which maintain traction while walking, running, or even standing still. You can also attach climbing spurs to these boots, which takes the stability to the next level.

4. Durability

Logger boots are very reliable and durable, making you enjoy your whole hiking trip without any worry. These are perfectly designed to take the challenges of active work environments. They can bear the impact of debris and bad weather conditions. Their double-layered stitching makes them strong and durable. Moreover, the double-welting feature of logger boots prevents the footwear from getting cracks and crevices for a long time.

5. Steel shank

Steel Shank is the main important feature of the logger boots, which is a supportive piece between outsole and insole. It adds support and protection to the boots, making them comfortable and durable for hiking.

6. Water-proof

You will need a pair of shoes for your hiking trip, which keeps your feet dry and odor-free. These boots are water-proof and prevent your feet from rain, wind, and snow. Remember, if your feet get wet inside the boots, especially in winter, it can make your trip extremely horrible, causing pain in your feet. You’ll stay uncomfortable throughout the journey and may return to the home in the midway. However, if the feet are dry in boots, you’ll stay comfortable and enjoy every moment of the hike.

7. Shock absorber

Logger boots can also work as a shock absorber and minimize the impact of any type of shock. The high heel and good midsole work great, minimizing the outside impacts. While on a trek, you’ll have to walk through the stony wilderness, which can hurt your feet if you are wearing unusual boots. However, logger boots can easily absorb such impacts, providing you with a comfortable experience in such terrains.

8. Extra reinforced toes

The extra reinforced toes of the logger boots can resist up to 75 pounds of impact or compression, making them perfect boots for uneven hiking tracks.

9. Full-grain leather

The upper part of logger boots is made of full-grain leather, making them durable and water-resistant. However, they need some time to break in, but they become comfortable after wearing these boots for some time.

Pros of Using The Logger Boots For Hiking

When it’s come to stability and durability, nothing can beat them. They are made with heavy-duty rubber by keeping industrial standards and a tough environment in mind. Their heavy-duty rubber soles can withstand tough terrain and extended use. The work boots usually come with steel toes and shanks, providing extra protection against falls and slips. However, their sturdiness can be a bit of a cone if you are not used to wearing these boots.

Cons of Using The Logger Boots For Hiking

Though there are several reasons to consider these boots for hiking, there are some cons as well, which you should keep in mind if you plan to wear them for your next hiking trip. They are made from heavy-duty material for extra safety, but it makes them heavy, making you get tired early. They generally lack the breathability you want during the hot, humid weather. That’s why these boots can cause your feet to get pretty hot and sticky in a warm environment. So if you plan to hike in summers, better avoid wearing them. However, there is no problem wearing them in the summers.

Logger Boots vs. Regular Hiking Boots

Even logger boots are great for hiking, but these are not made for hiking. These are made for performing heavy-duty tasks like logging, farming, and even hunting. The material used keeps your feet safe from objects that can fall over your feet while working. However, they prevent you from slips and falls during your hiking.

Logger boots are perfectly suited for the work environment compared to the hiking boots designed by keeping the long walk in mind. Although logger boots are not made to protect your feet from insects or snake attacks in the jungle, they can still protect your feet from such attacks. Hiking boots have some additional support for the inner sole to keep your feet comfortable during the hike. Hiking boots are also lighter than the work boots such as logger boots.

The Bottom Line

In the end, the decision is on you. Yes, logger boots are not ideally made for hiking. But they can provide you with all the necessary features required by hiking boots. They can work on uneven surfaces and give you a great grip during your hiking. We suggest using the logger boots for shorter hiking trips only. You can also use them around town for a couple of weeks to better understand how your feet respond to them. But the best option is to buy the hiking boots for the hike and leave the logger boots for work.


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