4 Best Snowboard Boots For Wide Feet 2022

Are you looking for the best snowboard boots for wide feet 2022? Then your wait is over; just relax and read this article. After reading this whole article, you will know about the best snowboard boots you can get for your wide feet. Our research says there are no better snowboard boots in the market than these 4. Just trust our research, and choose the suitable boots for you from these top 4. We just want to save your precious time, so you don’t have to waste your time searching for good footwear for you. According to us, Burton Photon Boa is the best among all. However, the other 3 reviewed in this article are also really good for wide feet of people. Read all reviews, and let us know about your favorite ones in the comment section.

Best snowboard boots for wide feet

We understand your concern, as the only way to enjoy snowboarding is by wearing the right size boots. If the boots are too tight, they can sore your feet, causing real pain and discomfort. We know there are many snowboarding boots available in the market, but do all of them are made for wide feet people? The answer is no; only a few boots are suitable for wide feet of people.

Despite having wide feet, you can go for snowboarding in regular snowboarding boots, but will you actually enjoy snowboarding in boots that are suitable for narrow or normal feet people? Obviously not, that’s why you have to decide wisely while choosing boots for you. Wearing the right size boots that are made for wide feet people can make your snowboarding activity enjoyable. You’ll enjoy every moment of your ride if your feet are comfortable.

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How to Choose the Best Snowboard Boots For Wide Feet?

There are a few things to keep in mind if you are looking for a good pair of snowboard boots for your wide feet. If you keep these things in mind, you’ll buy a perfect pair of boots for yourself.

Wide boots

Obviously, if you are looking for boots for your wide feet, boots need to be wide. Otherwise, you will remain uncomfortable in boots, or you may suffer from pain. Wearing narrow boots over the wide feet can cause blisters or painful experiences. That’s why you should look for boots made for wide feet people. Wide feet boots are not bigger in length. These boots have the same length as the standard size boots; however, they are wide from the toe box and forefoot area. These boots are made to provide comfort to people with wide feet.

So, you don’t need to look for the big size boots, as they will also be bigger in length. Just look for the boots according to your feet’ size but in a wide range. If you already have snowboard boots that are not wide, you can follow this guide to widen your boots.


Flex is vital for snowboard boots. The flex means how much flexible the boots are. So keep in mind those boots which are more soft and flexible give less control while snowboarding. On the other hand, hard boots give more control while snowboarding. So if you are a newbie, always choose less flexible boots; however, if you are a pro rider, you can go for more flexible boots.


The boots need to be comfortable, so you can enjoy snowboarding without causing pain to the feet. Comfortable boots are made with premium upper and outsole. Moreover, you can get cushiony insoles and liners inside the boots.


Remember, the snowboard is winter’s activity. That’s why you will face freezing temperatures while performing this activity. Your boots need to provide a warm and cozy temperature inside the boots. It is important because if your feet are comfortable and cozy, you’ll enjoy snowboarding and may want to spend more time on this activity. On the other hand, if your feet are getting cold, you won’t focus on snowboarding and may want to get out of this as soon as possible. Moreover, it can be a harrowing experience. So, make sure the snowboard boots are warm and cozy.


Durability is also an important factor, as snowboard boots are very costly. That’s why they need to last longer. Make sure; the boots are made with good quality and rigid material. As you know, you have to take many turns and have to snowboard from uneven terrains. That’s why ensure your boots are made with strong material so that they can easily perform in such situations and last long without tearing apart.


Your boots need to be snowproof, as you will enjoy this ride on icy terrains. If the boots are snowproof, they prevent snow from entering into the boots. If the boots are not snowproof, the ice can make your feet uncomfortable.


Safety is equally important; that’s why you shouldn’t ignore this factor. The boots that are at least mid-calves size and with robust material are considered safe. Also, some snowboard boots for wide feet contain toe protection. If your boots are secure and have toe protection, they can save your foot from a major injury. It can be a big plus point, as while snowboarding, your foot can hit any solid object.

We hope all these boots can help you find the perfect snowboard boots for your wide feet, and we also understand that you don’t have enough time to search for them. That’s why we want to help you. We don’t want you to ruin your day; that’s why we researched to make your snowboarding day memorable. So let’s find out about those best wide snowboard boots.

Theboottalk’s Choice for the Top 4 Snowboard Boots for Wide Feet Men

1- Burton Ruler Wide Snowboard Boots

Burton Ruler Wide Snowboard Boot

These boots are made by the renowned UK brand Burton. These are premium quality boots for wide feet of people that provide ultimate comfort and performance. You can wear these boots for snowboarding anywhere on the mountain. The good thing about them is that you start feeling comfortable in them even from the start; you don’t have to wait to complete a break-in period. Let’s start the review from the upper part.

The upper part of these boots

These are the mid-calves boots to provide protection and comfort till below the claves. The shaft is approximately 10 inches high, which is fair enough. The upper part of these boots is snow and water-resistant, providing you comfort and warmth from the snow’s coldness. It’s really important, as if the water or snow gets into the boot in extremely cold conditions, it can cause severe pain to the feet.

The upper part also contains imprint 2 liner and 3M Thinsulate insulation, which can keep your feet warm in mountains’ coldness. Even the boot contains insulated material; still, these boots contain lock-up hooks and cuff, along with man fur, so that cool air can’t enter the boots from anywhere. We believe you can only enjoy snowboarding if your feet are feeling cozy. Otherwise, you may want to stop riding on a snowboard as quickly as possible.

The speed-up lacing system on the upper part provides ease while tying or untying laces. This lacing system is fast enough that you can quickly adjust the upper and lower zones of lace. Due to this, you can adjust the boots to your required size, neither too loose nor too tight. Another best thing about these laces is they are the New England rope laces, which are highly durable and non-breakable. These laces provide a strong grip from your ankles to your forefeet, making you feel safe while riding.

The GripLITE backstay works excellent in reducing the rider’s fatigue while riding on the snowboard. Moreover, you will also find a 1:1 medium flex power tongue on these boots. This tongue provides a warm and tight-fitting; you don’t have to readjust while riding on the snowboard due to this tongue.

The inside of these boots

The inside of these boots contains soft and coy man fur, which keeps the feet warm and comfortable. Your feet can enjoy the softness and coziness of this fur. The level 1 molded EVA foam is also available in these boots’ footbeds for extra comfort. These boots are next-level cushioned with B3 Gel in the heel area rubber reinforcements in the heel and toe areas. Moreover, the insides of these boots are also cushioned with the sleeping bag reflective foils. All these features play a vital role in the warm and comfortable environment of these boots’ inside.

The lower part of these boots

The lower parts of these boots contain Dynogrip outsole. This outsole provides excellent traction; thus, you feel more grip while riding. It is rubber-made and lightweight. In the outsole, Burton has used shrinkage footprint reduction technology. What is this technology? Due to this, your footprint becomes one inch small. For example, if you wear size 11 boots, your boots will be size 11, but your footprint will be 10.


  • Ultimate comfort
  • Ultimate performance
  • Water-resistant
  • Snow-resistant
  • 3M Thinsulate insulation
  • Lock-up cuffs
  • Man fur
  • Speed zone lacing system
  • Level 1 molded EVA
  • B3 Gel
  • GripLITE Backstay
  • Rubber reinforcements
  • Dynogrip outsole
  • Shrinkage footprint reduction technology
  • Warm environment for feet
  • New England ropes
  • No other color option


2- Ride Lasso Pro Men’s Snowboard Boots

Ride Lasso Pro Mens Snowboard Boots

We picked these boots that can also be your perfect choice of Snowboard boots for your wide feet. These boots are manufactured by the famous brand RIDE Snowboards. Though these boots are a bit expensive, if you are a premium quality lover, and money is not a problem for you, you should go for them. Without wasting any time, let’s start the review of these boots.

The upper part of these boots

These mid-calved boots provide protection and comfort to feet and ankles. The best part of these boots is BOA fit system, which gives you easy adjustability while tying, untying, or adjusting the laces. You just have to rotate the dial instead of that older lace pulling method. By rotating the dial, you can get your desired custom fitting.

In these boots, you will find the latest advancement of BOA, which is the BOA H4 dial platform. It consists of three parts which make it a high-performance fitting system. These parts include lightweight and robust textile tx3 lace, low friction lace guides, and a micro-adjustable dial. Due to this system, you can adjust the fitting of your boots within a few seconds. Another good thing about this most advanced BOA fitting coiler is that even if it hits with some solid thing, it doesn’t break; instead, it just ejects, you can quickly put it back. That’s why you don’t need to worry about it while riding on a snowboard. Just focus on your ride, as it will not break.

These boots contain two BOA H4 dial platforms on each boot. One is attached to the tongue of the boot, which is for ankle support. It adjusts the upper zone lace, providing stability by holding the ankle. 2nd one is attached to the boot’s side, which adjusts the lace of the lower zone; the purpose is to lock the forefoot properly in the boot.

Inside of these boots

The construction of boots is outstanding. RIDE has used IN2GRATED construction in these boots to reduce their weight without compromising on performance. You’ll get more performance in these lightweight boots. The articulating cuff design of these boots makes these boots easily flexible without distortion at the joints of upper and lower sections. This design plays a great role in comfort and performance. Moreover, you will find boot liner inside these boots, making these boots extra comfortable and keeping your feet warm. If you don’t like boot liner, you can remove it anytime, as it is easily removable.

These boots also contain a rubber toe cap, which provides extra protection to your feet. It is necessary, as your feet can hit with anything during snowboarding. If your boots are protected with a toe cap, you can save your feet from a major injury.

You will find 3D-formed dual-density insoles inside these boots under the feet, which also help improve these boots’ comfort level. These insoles give a cushiony feel, so you can spend many hours in these boots without hurting your feet.

Many snowboard riders with small ankles face heel lifting while riding on a snowboard in their boots. That’s why RIDE has attached Internal and external J bars in these boots, which help eliminate heel lift. These J bars give a solid hold to the ankle, eliminating the extra space in boots. That’s another way to increase performance.

These boots are also constructed with black gold liner mesh, which helps control the temperature. This mesh also decreases the odor and moisture in boots.

The lower part of these boots

The outsoles of these boots are made by MICHELIN, which offers excellent durability and performance. These outsoles provide a solid grip on all kinds of even and uneven terrains. These soles are made by combining phylon and rubber, which helps make these boots lightweight.


  • BOA H4 dial platforms
  • Textile tx3 lace
  • Two different color options
  • Available for both standard and wide feet men
  • MICHELIN soles
  • Internal and external J bars
  • Dual-density insoles
  • Comfortable
  • Warm boots
  • IN2GRATED construction
  • Articulating cuff design
  • Removable boot liner
  • Rubber toe cap
  • Black gold loner mesh
  • A bit expensive


3- Burton Photon Boa Wide Snowboard Boot Men’s

Burton Photon Boa Snowboard Boots Men's

We have selected another pair of boots from Burton, as these boots can also be the perfect choice for your snowboard ride. These premium category boots can make your snowboarding adventure a memorable ride. The major difference between these boots and the Burton ruler wide boots is BOA fit system. Otherwise, you will find a lot of similarities between these boots and Burton ruler-wide boots. However, this BOA fit system makes these boots a bit more expensive than Burton wide ruler boots.

So, we can say it’s up to your choice; if you are a fan of Burton and like BOA fit, you should choose these boots. Otherwise, you can go for Burton ruler wide boots. Just like burton ruler wide, these boots also make your feet feel comfortable even from the first day. You don’t have to wait for the completion of a break-in period. Let’s start the review of these snowboard boots for your wide feet.

The upper part of these boots

These are also the mid-calves boots, but Burton has used the BOA fit system instead of their own speed lace-up design this time. The dual-zone BOA fit system in these boots lets you adjust these boots’ lacing by just rotating the dial. This lacing system enables you to adjust the lace at three adjustment zones, making this adjustment highly customizable. You can adjust the grip of the heel area with a dial system. These laces also provide a solid hold to the heels, increasing the boots’ stability and grip for your feet.

These boots contain two dials on each boot, one at the front and one at the side of the boot. The front dial lets you adjust the lace of the upper zone and heel area. The dial on the side enables you to adjust the lace of the lower zone of the boot. The new England rope laces increase the durability of these boots, as these laces are indestructible. That’s how you can save yourself from a lot of effort for tying or untying the boots. It’s also helpful when you are in a hurry because this system lets you adjust the lace within a few seconds.

These boots’ shafts are approximately 10.5 inches high, enough to cover your ankles and provide more stability and grip to the feet. You will find a 1:1 firm flex power tongue and GripLITE backstay on these boots. They make these boots flexible, responsive and also help to provide a tight grip to the feet.

Inside of these boots

Inside these boots, you will find a snowproof internal gusset, making feet warm and cozy. It keeps feet safe from snow and the moisture of snow. These boots are protected with Aegis microbial treatment, which helps to kill the bacteria.

The cushioning is excellent in these boots, as they contain a level 2 EVA footbed, which provides superior comfort and a cushiony feel to the feet. In the heel area, you will find B3 Gel cushioning. Moreover, the sleeping bag reflective foil is also available in these boots, which help to keep feet warm and comfortable.

The lower part of these boots

You will find premium quality Vibram EcoStep outsoles in the lower part of these boots, which are highly durable and increase grip and stability. These boots also contain low-profile EST midsoles, which increases the comfort level of these boots and increases durability. Even in these boots, Burton has used shrinkage footprint technology, which makes your footprint look smaller. For example, you wear size 12 boots, the boots will be of size 12, but the footprint will appear as 11.

These boots also contain ESS shank support, which increases durability. Moreover, the shank support helps relieve the tension of your arches and calves. It also helps to maintain a balance on uneven terrains. Another benefit of shank support is that it helps maintain your boots’ shape for a long time.

You will find rubber ice spikes at the bottom of these boots, which provide a firm grip on slippery areas. Also, it gives a cushiony feel.


  • Dual-zone BOA coiler closure system
  • Imprint 3 liner
  • Focus cuff
  • 1:1 flex powerup tongue
  • GripLITE backstay
  • B3 Gel
  • ESS support shank
  • Level 2 EVA foam footbed
  • Vibram Ecostep outsole
  • Shrinkage footprint technology
  • Snow-proof internal gusset
  • Warm boots
  • Comfortable
  • Sleeping bag reflective foil
  • Antimicrobial treatment
  • Rubber ice spikes
  • They are not too stiff


4- Salomon Synapse Wide JP Snowboard Boot

Salomon Synapse Wide Feet JP Snowboard Boots

One of France’s oldest sports equipment manufacturers, Salomon has introduced a wide series of snowboard boots that you can use for your snowboarding adventure. These boots can be the best premium choice for your wide feet. The construction of these boots is excellent because it breathes when your feet become hot, and it resists the cold temperature, keeping your feet relaxed all day. Let’s review these boots to find out more about them.

The upper part of these boots

The upper part of these mid-calves boots is made with synthetic material, which increases these boots’ durability. Though these boots don’t contain BOA fit system, they have introduced their own locking system. The Powerlock system of these boots is not like BOA fit dial, but close to that, it is still easy to use. These boots’ lace works in a criss-cross manner on the tongue and in anti-catch hooks on the upper.

The inside of these boots

The best part of these boots’ inside is that they have used heat-moldable liners. What’s so special about heat-moldable liners? They easily conform to your feet as compared to other liners. They use the natural heat of the feet to conform to their shape. The liner’s inner zone helps keep the foot and liner in one place for the entire day. Also, these liners keep your feet dry all day.

The OrthoLite C3 insoles in these boots take the comfort of these boots to the next level. These dual-density insoles keep feet comfortable all day. Moreover, they provide accurate fitting to the feet.

The lower part of these boots

The lower part contains a Trek EC+ outsole, which offers greater stability and grip on all kinds of uneven terrains. You will enjoy snowboarding once you feel confident in the stability of these boots.


  • Heat moldable liners
  • Powerlock system
  • OrthoLite C3 insoles
  • Trek EC+ outsoles
  • Synthetic material
  • Comfortable boots
  • Warm boots
  • Keep feet dry all-day
  • These boots require a little time to break-in, then they will become comfortable.


The Bottom Line

Snowboarding is one of the most enjoyable activities in the world. A good pair of snowboard boots can make your activity most memorable and enjoyable. Many people have no idea what to look for while getting these boots. We thought to help such people; that’s why we have mentioned all the factors that can help you find these good boots. Moreover, if you don’t have time to search for these boots, that’s why we have mentioned the top 4 snowboard boots for wide feet in the world. You can simply pick any of them that you think is affordable in your budget.

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