Do Boots Run Big or Small? An Expert Answer

Many people ask, do boots run big or small? Their concern is right, as nobody wants to wear boots that are not true to their size. If the boos run big, they will definitely create an uncomfortable environment for your feet, making your walk very unstable. You can slip on the ground, which can cause injury to the feet.

Do boots run big or small

Whether the boots run big or small creates a lot of confusion in the mind while buying boots because you don’t know which size to buy. You may get the boots for your feet’ size, but what if they run big or small? The confusion, whether to get the same size boots or half-inch bigger/smaller, is real.

Let us tell you; you don’t need to worry while buying the boots because boots don’t run big or small. They vary in shapes, but when it comes to sizing, they are true to their size. You just need to know how the boots should fit. It doesn’t matter what boots you are getting, whether you are getting logger boots, work boots, or other kinds of boots, if you keep the following points in mind, you will always get the boots that are true to your feet size.

How to know if boots run big or small?

After going through the size chart, do the boots’ physical check-up to ensure you are getting the right size.

Wear socks

Always check the boots’ size after wearing socks because if you don’t, you may end up getting the smaller boots. Socks also cover up some space. You will have to wear socks regularly, so get the boots that fit your feet after wearing socks.

Wiggle toes

Wear the boots; if they are perfectly fit to your feet, try to wiggle your toes in the toe box. You should able to move your toes freely; if you can’t wiggle, it means boots run small. If your whole feet are moving freely in the boots, it means boots run big.

Check the heel area

Your heel shouldn’t be too tight with the back part of the boots. Also, there shouldn’t be too much space between your heel and the back part of the boot. If your heel feels too tight, it means boots are small, and if there is so much gap between your heel and the boot’s back part, it means boots are big.

Lace-up the boots

If the boots have laces, then always check the boots after tying the laces. Without tying laces, you won’t be able to check the accurate size of the boots.

Take a walk

After going through all the steps mentioned above, take a walk in the boots. If you are having no problem while walking, it means the boots are perfect for your feet. If your feet feel too tight, it means the boots are small, and if your feet are moving inside the boots, it means the boots are big.

The Bottom Line

Generally, boots do not run big or small. However, if you make a mistake while measuring your feet’ size or haven’t followed the guidelines mentioned above, you can get the wrong size.

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