Do Timberlands Run Big, Small, or True to Their Size? Buyer’s Guide

Do Timberlands run big or small? It depends upon the style you are looking for. Yes, most of their styles run big for many people as most of their sizes come with wide widths. These premium boots are specially designed to provide protection and comfort while working in the tough routine or for stability while walking on uneven rocky terrains.

Do Timberlands run big or small

These boots come up with a huge variety of designs to cater to¬†all kinds of needs. It doesn’t matter whatever profession you belong to or want to go for a hiking adventure; you’ll find a good pair suitable for your need. We have also seen construction and factory workers, engineers, surgeons, and plumbers wearing them due to their ultimate protection and support for feet. Their iconic design encourages many professionals to add these boots to their boot stack.

They introduced their very first waterproof boot in 1973, which became a cultural icon. Today, these boots have several famous icons, which include Beyonce and Jay-Z. But make sure to research a lot about their size to save yourself from returning troubles. Now, they are offering a variety of footwear for adults and children in different sizes. You can choose between regular adult sizes, children’s sizes, and Timberland PRO footwear. Let’s know more about the Timberland boot’s size and fitting.

How Do Timberland Boots Fit?

How Do Timberland Boots Fit

The fitting of the timberland boots is one of the big challenges while you are buying these boots. You have to focus on their fitting as their improper fitting can lead you to serious foot problems such as the pain in the ball of the foot and ankle injury issues. The boots should neither be too tight nor too loose, as too tight can create a troublesome situation for your feet, and too loose will not let you walk comfortably. Sometimes people wear ill-fitted footwear, which can cause severe foot problems for them. All the people, including adults, kids, and older people, make this mistake. So, thorough size research is a mandatory step while you are buying the boots or shoes for yourself.

Is There Any Difference in Women’s & Men’s Timberland Boots Sizes?

difference between men and women shoe size

Yes, the size of men’s and women’s timberland boots is slightly different due to their different posture styles. Women weigh less than men; that’s why their boots have a light and thin midsole compared to men’s boots. Due to the light midsole, women’s boots weigh less.

The wider hips and the larger Q angle of the women also cause the pronation difference in men and women, which leads them to the first toe and second toe of women’s feet, resulting in uneven weight distribution. Men don’t need extra support at the forefoot as they don’t have wider hips. That’s why Timberland makes women’s boots wider at the forefoot area and make them narrow at the heel area. However, men’s boots are not like that. Timberland keeps the posture difference in mind to provide secure and flexible fitting to both men and women.

Do Timberland Women’s Boots Fit True to Size?

Yes, they are true to their size. Timberland boots are mainly focusing on men’s shoes, but the option for women is also growing. These are the perfect choice to pair with jeans and a t-shirt for a casual-chic look. The women’s Timberland boots sizes vary from a size 5 to 11 US, and some of their boots are available in wide options, for example, a size 7 wide. Their heels are significantly narrower than their boots. You can choose the Timberland with a wide size option if the shoes feel snug. Just like the man, the woman also needs to measure their feet before buying the shoes. Even if you already own an old pair, these shoes stretch or loosen with time.

We recommend you to look for Timberland’s women’s size chart before buying the boots or shoes. If you buy the correct size for your feet, they will definitely fit your feet perfectly. If you have wide feet, then go for the wide feet option. Otherwise, normal size is enough.

What Is The Difference Between Timberland Basic and Timberland Pro Boots?

The pro timberland boots are made slightly bulkier than the basic boots. They weigh more than Timberland basic boots due to their stronger toe cap. The more cushioned midsole of the pro timberland shoes makes them more comfortable for an all-day-long workout. They contain a padded collar which offers more comfort to the ankles. That’s why they have a slightly larger size than the basic timberland boots.

How To Measure My Feet Size For Timberland Boots?

You have to measure your feet size first to select the correct size of timberland boots. Measure the correct length from heel to toe in centimeters. Follow the below steps to measure the correct size of your feet for timberland boots. Most of the time, timberlands run big or small for people when they don’t measure their feet size correctly.

how to measure foot size

  • Take a white paper piece, a pencil, ruler, and tape.
  • Attach the paper to the floor with scotch tape such that it doesn’t move while you place your feet on it.
  • Wear socks that are perfectly fit to your feet.
  • Stand straight on the paper, and mark the longest distance from heel to feet toe and widest from bunion joints.
  • Measure the longest distance between the marked points with the help of a ruler.
  • Now measure the widest points of your feet to measure the width. It helps you understand whether you have wide feet or you can go for normal size.
  • Now, repeat the procedure for your other feet.

General Tips to Get The Right Fit For You

Below are some general tips for choosing the right timberland boots. If you follow these guidelines, timberlands won’t run big or small fall you. In fact, they’ll be true to their size.

  • Don’t assume your size every time. Measure your feet whenever you are going to buy timberland boots. Certain factors such as pregnancy, diabetes, and high blood pressure can cause swollen feet, which play an important role in your timberland boot size selection.
  • Never buy too tight or too lose shoes. Wear the shoe and try inserting your finger between your heel and the back area of your shoe. You should be able to insert one figure, and it doesn’t mean that those timberlands run big for you; it means they are perfect for your feet. If you can’t insert, it means the shoes are too tight, and if you can insert more than one finger, it means the shoes are too loose. Moreover, the toe box should have ample space so that you can easily wiggle your toes after wearing them.
  • Don’t assume that the snug shoes will loosen over time, as many of them can leave you in pain due to their material.
  • Always go for buying shoes in the afternoon because our feet swallow in the evening. That’s how you will get the right size. Otherwise, you may get the small shoes in the morning, which will cause discomfort in the evening because our feet require some space once they swallow.

Should Timberlands be Loose?

Are timberlands supposed to sit loose

For a long time, probably since the ’90s, people have been wearing loose timberland boots instead of tied, and it has become a fashion symbol. Make sure not to purchase oversized timberlands as they’ll run big for you, and poorly sized boots can lead to blisters and don’t have a good look. You can tie the shoelaces differently to give them a loose appearance, which we think is the best solution.

Do Timberland Boots Need to be Break-in?

break in timberland boots

Yes, timberland boots do require a break-in period as these are synthetic and leather boots and can be stiff. Let’s see how you can break in your timberland shoes before going for a long walk.

  • Wear your timberland boots and start walking like you are on the work or hike. Even your regular tasks also help these boots to break in. When you start feeling more comfortable, you can wear them for more hours a day.
  • You can pair them with socks while walking around your house.
  • To speed up the process, you can walk around the neighbors.
  • Once you feel better, you can wear them when running errands or going for a longer walk. It will not only help in breaking in your shoes but also conforming them according to your feet.
  • Bend their soles back and forth with your hands to speed up the process more. But make sure to do it gently, as rough handling can break their stitching.
  • You can also perform a round of squats as it can also soften the sole.
  • According to the timberlands recommendation, you can also apply the leather conditioner to soften the material. It eliminates some pressure on your toes.

What Size Timberlands Should I Get?

It mainly depends upon the size you want to get. Some of their types run big, run small, or fit to size. As a general rule, you can buy the Timberlands boots half a size smaller than your casual sneakers size, and that’s how they won’t run big. These boots are made a bit larger due to their protective and comfortable design. Following size charts may help you get the right size.

timberland men's shoe size chart

timberland women's shoe chart

Source for timberland size chart images

The Bottom Line

After reading this article, we hope any of the timberlands you are looking to buy won’t run big for you. Timberland boots and their pro series are on the bigger side. These special boots are worn by many famous faces. But you should measure both of your feet before buying and recognize the signs of a poorly fitted shoe. Don’t forget to break in your new timberland boots before wearing them on a trip or on a long workday. If you still have something in mind that you want to ask, feel free to let us know in the comment section. We’ll try to respond to your query at our earliest.


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