How Should Cowboy Boots Fit on the Calf? For Boys & Girls

If you have got cowboy boots, you should know how cowboy boots should fit on the calf. It’s important to know because the comfort of your calves highly depends on the fitting of these boots. Cowboy boots are still considered among the most fashionable and desirable boots. People feel proud while wearing these boots. However, the ill-fitted cowboy boots can make your day worst and painful. That’s the reason you should know that how cowboy boots should fit on your calves.

How Should Cowboy Boots Fit on the Calf

Sometimes these boots fit perfectly to your feet but not on your calves. That’s why whenever you are selecting the cowboy boots for yourself, make sure to check the size of your feet and calves as well. Never buy these boots by just checking your feet size. We understand that the fitting of feet is more important than the calves. However, you can’t ignore the importance of fitting on the calves.

There is not any specific size that we will recommend you because everyone’s calf size is different from the other. Some have wide calves, while some have narrow calves. That’s why you need to keep in mind some guidelines while choosing perfect boots for yourself. If the boots’ fitting is perfect from the insteps and the ankles, then a 0.5-2 inches gap around the calves is considered Ok.

We have some guidelines for both cowboy and cowgirl boots to help you understand how these boots should fit on the calf. If you want to have a comfortable and great-looking experience, keep in mind that these boots shouldn’t be too wide or too loose. A moderate grip is always perfect.

Why is it Important for Cowboy Boots to Have Perfect Fitting Around the Calf?

We can never ignore the importance of these boots because people wear cowboy boots for business-casual, casual, and formal purposes. They need to look good on you; only then will you stand out. Ill-fitted boots on the calf can ruin your entire dressing appearance. Keep in mind that people may not remember the person wearing a good dress, but they never forget the one looking weird.

Fitting of Cowboy Boots for Cowboys’ Calf

Fitting of Cowboy Boots For Cowboys calf

You may have seen some cowboys tucking their cowboy boots inside the jeans. The jeans they wear with these boots contain boot cut. Boot cut allows you to tuck your boots inside the pants easily. That’s why moderate fitting on the calves is necessary. If the boots are too wide on the calf, then the V-cut of these boots will be clearly visible from the pants, which will ruin your whole dressing look. You will look very weird wearing these boots. On the other hand, if the boots are too tight, they will cause pain and discomfort in your calves. You may want to remove boots as early as possible because of the discomfort. Whether the boots are too tight or too wide, in both cases, they will affect your confidence.

How these Boots Should Fit on Cowgirls’ Calves

Fitting of Cowboy Boots For Cowgirls’ Calf

Cowgirls wear boots in an opposite way to cowboys. They tuck their jeans inside the boots instead of tucking boots inside the jeans. Even though girls wear tight jeans still, jeans need some space to tuck inside the boots. That’s why boots should be a little bit loose so that you won’t have any problem while tucking the jeans inside the boots.

Tight cowboy boots on the calves will cause problems while tucking the jeans inside. Also, it will cause real discomfort and a painful experience.

What to do if My Cowboy Boots are too Loose Around the Calf?

First of all, you need to find whether the boots you are wearing are true to your size or the boots are bigger. For this purpose, check the instep of boots; you should feel snug around it. Your ankles should be rocking inside the boots. If the instep is loose or your ankles are rocking inside the boots, it means you have got the bigger boots, and you need to get the smaller boots.

If you have the right fit on the instep and your ankle isn’t rocking inside the boots, it means you have the correct size of boots. However, if the shafts around the calves are too loose, even if the boots’ size is right, then you need to get help from a professional cobbler. Cobbler will charge some money, but he will make the right size of your cowboy boots’ calves. If you are getting the help of a cobbler, make sure to tell him the right size of your calves, so he won’t make the shaft too much tight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should cowboy boots be loose around the calf?

A bit loose around the calf is ok because it is necessary for the cowboy boots’ comfort. The most important part is the fitting of the feet, then you should look for the fitting of the calf. The looseness depends on whether you are a boy or a girl.

If you are a boy, then you should never buy cowboy boots that are too loose because you won’t be able to tuck your boots inside the pants. Even if somehow you manage to tuck your boots inside the pants, still, the shaft of the boots will be clearly visible inside the pants that will look very wired. However, if you are a girl, then it’s ok if your boots are loose because girls tuck the jeans inside the boots.

Do cowboy boots fit wide calves?

Not all the cowboy boots, but some cowboy boots fit perfectly on the wide calves. You have to do some research and find those boots that are suitable for wide feet. Never wear boots with a narrow shaft if you have wide calves. Otherwise, it will be really uncomfortable for you to wear them.

How can I make my cowboy boots tighter around my calves?

If you wear cowboy boots with shorts, then you can fill up space inside the boots by wearing some thick socks. If you don’t have thick socks, you can wear two pairs of thin socks as well. That’s how you can keep the boots in place.

The Bottom Line

The comfort and outlook of cowboy boots mainly depend on how they fit on the calf. Tight-fitting results in pain and discomfort, while the too much loose shafts on the calf look so weird on the cowboys. However, girls can wear loose shafts on the calf because they tuck jeans inside the boots instead of tucking boots inside the jeans. There is no exact measurement of the shaft’s wideness because everyone has a different size of calves. However, we have shared some guidelines that will help you identify the perfect shaft according to your calves. We hope these guidelines will be very beneficial for you.

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