How to Break in Cowboy Boots? 10 Effective Methods

If you have got brand new cowboy boots, not feeling comfortable wearing them; your boots need a break-in time. But, how to break in cowboy boots as quickly as possible, so you don’t have to wait anymore? We understand your concern; you must be want to feel the actual comfort of your cowboy boots while walking or riding.

How to break in cowboy boots

We are going to end your patience here, as this article will share the pro techniques to break in cowboy boots quickly and effectively. The break-in period is the total amount of time that boots take to get fully comfortable to your feet. It includes softening the upper part of the boots and conforming of the midsole according to your foot’s arch. When the boots are break-in, they become fully comfortable for your feet. Usually, there is no fixed time for boots to break in. The time varies from boots to boots and the way you wear and use boots. However, by following the strategies given in this article, you will quickly break-in your cowboy boots.

Before applying the following strategies on your cowboy boots, make sure you have perfectly fitted boots according to your feet’ size. If you have bought the wrong size, these boots will remain uncomfortable even after breaking in these cowboy boots. That’s why the boots should fit perfectly.

10 Effective ways to break in cowboy boots

1- Use hairdryer

Using a hairdryer is one of the easiest ways to break in cowboy boots. You are not limited to a hairdryer; anything which can produce a fair amount of heat can be used for this purpose. If you are following this method, do it carefully; don’t bring a hairdryer too closely to boots. Otherwise, you may damage your boots.

How to perform this method

use hair dryer

The purpose of using these devices is to get benefits from their heat. A hairdryer is a commonly used device in most houses, so we don’t think you’ll have any problem performing this method.

Pickup the hairdryer and start heating your boots. Don’t bring the hairdryer too close to the boots; at least maintain the distance of 6-7 inches between your boots and the hairdryer. Perform this method gently on the leather and heel and mainly focus on those areas causing tightness to your feet. Once you notice that the boots are heated up, wear the boots and walk until the boots become cool. While walking, put more pressure on those areas that are causing tightness to your feet. That’s how your cowboy boots will stretch and conform to your feet, increasing the comfort level for your feet.

2- Start wearing your boots at home

wear boots at home

We understand you may not like wearing your boots at the start because they are not comfortable yet. But wearing the boots inside or around the house is not that bad. At least you are wearing in the comfort zone of your house. Wearing and walking in the boots will help in breaking in the cowboy boots quickly. You may feel uncomfortable wearing your brand new crunchy boots, but you are wearing them at your home; you can always wear them off when you want. More the time you’ll spend in boots, the more quickly they will break-in.

3- Use Leather Conditioner

use leather conditioner

The leather conditioner works effectively in softening and expanding the leather. Apply the leather conditioner on your boots, which will soften the leather and allow it to stretch. You will find the instructions on the leather conditioner packaging; follow those instructions carefully. Softening the leather increases the boot’s comfort level and also speeds up the break-in process.

4- Use steamer

Many people adopt this method; however, this method has some side effects as well. It can damage the boots or may fade the leather. So if you want to follow this method to break in your cowboy boots, do it at your own risk. However, this method is cheap, effective, and easy to perform. You can even achieve the desired result with this method, but it’s risky, as it can damage your boots.

How to perform this method

use steamer

  • Boil the water in a steamer; once it starts steaming, bring your cowboy boot on the top of a steamer in the downward direction that steam enters inside the boot. Let the steam enter into your boot for 25-30 seconds.
  • Now move aside, and check the leather with your finger; it must have become soft. If it is still rigid, repeat the above-mentioned step for 20 seconds more. Now recheck the leather; if it has softened, put the boots down.
  • Wear boots and start walking. Keep walking until the boots become dry and conform to your feet.

5- Freeze ice inside the boots

This is also a cheap and easy method to perform. However, it’s not as effective as other methods. You may have to perform this method several times to achieve some good results. You can stretch your boots very little with this method. But still, it can play a minor role in breaking in your cowboy boots. We all know, when the water freezes, it expands. You can take advantage of this situation.

How to perform this method?

put ice bag inside the boot

  • Fill up the sealable leakproof bag with water, and place it inside the boots’ toe box.
  • Now place your boots inside the freezer for 7-8 hours.
  • When the water freezes, it will expand, stretching your boots.
  • Don’t rush removing the ice bag from the boots, as it will take time.
  • Let the ice become soft, then bring it out of boots.

6- Submerging boots in the water

This method is very effective, popular, and easy to perform, but it may fade the leather (if your boots have cheap quality material). Moreover, it takes time to dry the boots. However, you can achieve the desired result with this method, as the water makes leather flexible. The flexible leather can be conformed to your desired size.

How to perform this method?

submerge the cowboy boots in water to break in

  • Bring the bucket full of moderately warm water.
  • Soak your boots in the water; make sure to make boots fully wet from outside, but don’t let water enter into the boots.
  • Now wear boots for at least 30 minutes. Let the boots get dry on their own; don’t use any heating device, and avoid going in the sunlight while wearing wet boots. The combination of wet leather and heat shrinks the leather. If you feel uncomfortable wearing wet boots, you can put on a plastic bag or waterproof socks.
  • Now start applying the conditioner on the leather of your cowboy boots. During the process, the water will be evaporating from the pores, and the conditioner will take the place of water in that pores, stabilizing the shape of boots according to your feet. That’s how you can do the effective break in of your cowboy boots with submerging method.

7- Use the boot stretcher to break in cowboy boots

You can also break in your cowboy boots with the boot stretcher. This is a very powerful, fast, and effective method. You can stretch the boots to their full capacity with this method. However, you have to buy the boot stretcher separately. So, it’s not a free method; though it’s a one-time cost, you still have to spend money on this method.

If you are not interested in doing the hard work and want to save your time, this method is perfect for you.

How to perform this method?

break in cowboy boots with boot stretcher

  • Get any good boot stretcher from the market (not the shoe stretcher.)
  • Now insert the boot stretcher inside your cowboy boots’ toe area. You should be able to feel the boot stretcher in the toe area, which you can check by holding the toe box from outside with your hand.
  • Once it is perfectly placed, now hold the lever of the boot stretcher at 90 degrees.
  • Now start rotating the lever clockwise. You will feel the pressure on the toe area of the boot with your hand by holding it.
  • Once you feel the toe area is fully tight, Rotate the lever two to three times more, but don’t do overstretching.
  • Now leave the stretcher inside the boots for at least 8 hours.
  • After 8+ hours, rotate the lever anti-clockwise, and bring it out of the boot. Now, you can start wearing boots.

Moreover, the boot stretchers also come with plug pieces to stretch the painful spots inside the boots. If you want to stretch the painful spot of your cowboy boots as well, then:

  • Insert the plug pieces inside the holes of boot stretchers. Make sure to insert it at the right hole.
  • Now insert the boot stretcher inside the boots and follow the procedure mentioned above.
  • After rotating, you will see the stretched area of plugs.

You should insert plugs in the boot stretcher if you wish to stretch some extra painful areas. Otherwise, stretch the boots without inserting plugs. If you are willing to spend money, we recommend you to break in your cowboy boots with boot stretcher.

8- Bend the boots & twist them

bend and twist the boots

This method can also aid you in breaking in boots. Whenever you wear the boots, try to bend and twist them, especially from those areas which are causing the problem to your feet. This method can speed up the break in the process of your cowboy boots. If you follow this method, try to stay gentle and don’t put too much pressure that may damage your boots.

9- Take your boots to the cobbler

A professional cobbler can help you in this manner. If you don’t want to do anything on your own, you should seek help from the cobbler. He will charge some money, but he will help you get the desired result. Professional cobblers repair and maintain boots regularly. They will use professional tools to break in your cowboy boots perfectly.

10- Wear cowboy boots with two thick socks to break in

wear cowboy boots with two thick socks to break in

This process is slow but works great in making space inside the boots. When you wear two socks on each foot, it will put pressure on the boots, which will create some space for your feet inside the boots. This method is very uncomfortable, as it is not easy wearing two thick socks at a time. Try this method in winters only; otherwise, your feet will exhaust.

Few More Tips to Break In Cowboy Boots

The Bottom Line

We have shared different effective methods to break in cowboy boots. All these methods have some pros and cons. You can follow any method that you think is suitable for you. Most of these methods are free of cost. These methods will help you breaking in boots and making them comfortable for your feet.



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