How to Break In Steel Toe Boots? Easy & Quick Methods

Whenever you buy a new pair of steel-toe boots, your feet don’t fit comfortably in them right away. Some of their areas need stretching, so you need to break in your boots first, especially the steel toe boots, as boots become comfortable after completing the break-in period successfully. However, steel toe boots take more time to break in compared to regular boots. These boots are especially important for construction workers as they need some extra protection on the field because safety is always the first priority.

How to break in steel toe boots

But many people become worried that these boots are uncomfortable, which is a natural assumption considering the heavy and rigid material of the steel toe boots. Moreover, many steel toe boots are really hard, clunky, and uncomfortable. But this is not the case with all the steel toe boots on the market. All the boots get break-in after some time. However, you can reduce this process time if you follow our guidelines. This guide will help you do this job quickly and efficiently.

Here Are Some Best Ways to Break In The Steel Toe Boots.

1. Use mink oil

apply mink oil

Mink oil helps you to break in your steel toe boots. Use this oil on the exterior of your new steel toe shoe, focusing on the areas that are causing serious issues to your feet. Make sure oil is fully permeated on the shoe’s surface, then leave it overnight. This will soften the shoe or boot and provide you maximum comfort while wearing it. This is how it will decrease the breaking-in time of boots. Mink oil eliminates any pinching, which can cause discomfort. You can repeat the process if you feel any discomfort after one application.

2. Use leather conditioner

Sometimes it’s difficult to find mink oil, so you can also use a leather conditioner to soften your steel toe boots. Simply apply the leather conditioner on the boot’s exterior and leave it to permeate the footwear just like the mink oil. Maybe you have to apply it more times to get your desired softening.

3. Use a mop or broomstick 

use broomstick to break in steel toe boots

There are plenty of ways to stretch or widen steel toe boots to get the desired comfort. But the use of the mop or broomstick is one of the best ways to get the desired stretching. We usually have them at our home already, so you don’t need to spend money on buying anything additional. Simply insert the stick onto the steel toe area of your boots, and ensure that the end of the broomstick is touching the problematic area of your boots. Now, push down on the mop or broomstick to make the area comfortable. Sometimes it leads your steel toe boots to discoloration, which means that you are putting too much pressure on the shoe material. So, make sure to pay some special attention while using this method.

4. Use cold water to break in steel toe boots

This method requires the use of cold water to break in the steel toe boots. You have to fill the Ziploc bag with cold water and insert it into the steel toe boots. Make sure the bag is fully sealed. Be careful to use this method as the steel inside the boots can tear the bag. It means that you will end up with a shoe or boot full of cold water. After placing the Ziploc bag in the steel toe boot, place them in the freezer overnight. We know water expands after freezing, so this will put pressure inside the shoe or boot to help gently stretch it.

5. Use hot water 

Yes, you read it right, not only cold water, but you can also use the hot water to break in your steel toe boots. But make sure to waterproof your footwear before using this method as it can damage the steel toe shoe or boot. The main goal of this method is to saturate the boots. Fill a bucket with hot water and immense your boots into the water, and allow them to soak for 30 minutes. Remove the boots from hot water and remove any excess water. After soaking, wear your steel-toe shoes or boots. It will help to stretch the footwear. You can also wear thick socks to expand your shoe or boot while using this method. Maybe it’s required to repeat this method several times to get the desired comfort.

6. Rub alcohol 

Rubbing alcohol can also break in your steel-toe boots faster. Rub alcohol to the external area of your boot and make sure they are completely soaked. Make sure to let the boots dry first before wearing them at home.

Some other ways to increase the comfort of steel toe boots 

Sometimes steel toy boots need something more than just breaking in to get the maximum comfort. Many people don’t have time to break into their steel-toe boots. In that case, you can do some additional things to increase the comfort level. Let’s look at some quick ways to increase foot comfort while wearing these boots.

1. Wear socks

wear socks with steel toe boots 

Wearing socks is one the best way to get quick comfort from any boot pair. In fact, many companies make socks, especially for steel-toe boots. These types of socks have special padding for toe, heel, and arch comfort. You can also get comfort from a good pair of thick socks.

2. Insoles 

Many steel toe boots have a hard, rigid sole, which increases the traction, safety, and durability, but it can also create their own level of discomfort. Make sure to invest in a quality pair of insoles to increase the comfort level of your steel-toe boots. This method especially helps you if you have high arches, plantar fasciitis, and other foot issues. You can find the insoles in a variety of models, materials, and support levels. Make sure to choose the best insole, which you can transfer between shoes or boots as desired.

3. Band-Aids and Bandages

When certain areas of your foot rub against the inside of your steel toe boots, it causes friction which is responsible for blisters. Socks are a good solution to prevent these issues, but you can also use Band-Aids as an instant solution. It’s one of the easiest things found in every home’s medicine cabinet. You need to cover the areas that rub with a bandage for instant protection. The hydro seal blister bandages can provide you additional comfort, whether they are popped or remain filled with fluids.

The Bottom Line

Steel toe boots protect your feet from usual workplace injuries such as electrocution, crushing, slips, or punctures. However, all the boots especially steel boots are uncomfortable at the start. That’s why you have to break them in first to stay comfortable at the workplace. You have various options to break in your steel-toe boots, such as the use of cold water, warm water, rubbing alcohol, a mop stick, and a leather conditioner. You can also use the stretcher spray to help in making the breaking-in process easier.

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