How to Dry Leather Boots? 5 Effective Methods

Your leather boots may get wet with water, but do you know how to dry leather boots? Well, it’s not really difficult; there are few simple methods that you can apply to make your leather boots completely dry. This article will share the complete and the most effective methods that you can use to dry your wet leather boots.

How to dry leather boots

Whenever the boots get wet, it is necessary to make them dry quickly. Otherwise, the boots can get damage, which also negatively affects the boots’ lifespan. The boots will lose their shine and beauty. Moreover, the wet boots also make you uncomfortable. Nobody loves to wear wet boots, as it annoys the person and can damage the feet’ skin.

There are various methods to make the wet leather boots dry, but not all of them are worth applying. Many methods can damage your boots in the long term, so you should avoid such methods and use only those methods that don’t affect your boots’ lifespan. But how can you know which method is worth applying? Don’t worry; we have got your back here. As in this article, we will share those methods that are good for the boots’ lifespan and will quickly make your boots completely dry.

You can also use these methods to dry leather shoes. It doesn’t matter whether you want to dry leather cowboy boots, leather hiking boots, or leather work boots; these methods will work effectively to dry all kinds of leather boots fast. Also, we will make you completely aware of those dangerous methods that can destroy your boots.

Things to Do Before Drying Leather Boots

1- Clean your boots

clean boots before drying

There is a possibility that your boots are covered with dirt and mud, as you may have arrived home after walking in the rainy weather. There are many chances your boots are dirty as well. It is necessary to remove the dirt or mud from the boots first. Because if you don’t remove the dirt, it will leave stains on your boots during the drying process. Moreover, it can also discolor the leather of your boots. You can use a brush or a soft dry cloth to remove dirt. If you don’t know how to do it, please read our complete guide to clean leather boots to ensure there is no dirt left on your boots.

2- Remove laces

remove laces

Definitely, the laces are also wet; the best idea is to dry them separately. Why is it necessary to remove the laces? Because laces cover a few parts of the boots, the air will reach every part of the boots efficiently if you remove them. Moreover, the laces will get dry more efficiently if you dry them separately. As the laces are mostly fiber or cotton made, they may trap some moisture in them if they are not removed.

3- If the insoles are removable, remove them

remove insoles

Just like laces, removing the insoles is also an excellent idea to achieve the best drying result. If the water has entered into your boots, then your insoles are too wet. When the insoles are out of boots, they can get dry quickly and more effectively. Moreover, when they are removed, they will allow efficient airflow through the boots. It also decreases the chances that your leather boots will smell later. After removing the insole, use a dry cloth to remove the moisture from the boots’ inside.

Once you are gone through all these steps, it means your leather boots or shoes are ready to dry. After that, follow any of the below-mentioned methods.

5 Effective Methods to Dry Leather Boots Overnight

1- Dry boots with a fan

dry your leather boots with a fan

Drying your leather boots with a fan is an effective and harmless method.

  • Bring a towel and a portable fan. Place your boots and fan on the towel. The purpose of placing the towel under the boots is to suck all the moisture or the water that will drip down during the drying process.
  • Now bring two S-shaped hooks. You can make an S-shaped hook with a thin steel cloth hanger, wire cloth hanger, or paper clips. Why do you need to create S-shaped hooks? Because they will help to hang the boots in front of a portable or table fan. If you don’t have these items at home, you can make S-shape with anything that is easily moldable.
  • Now insert the S-shaped hooks in the front side of the fan. Keep the distance of at least 5-6 inches between both hooks; it is necessary to dry the boots effectively. The one end of booth hooks should be hanged on the fan, while the other end is for hanging the boots.
  • You should hang the boots in a way that the boots’ inside is facing towards the fan, so the air effectively flows from inward to the boots’ outward. Moreover, the outside of the boots will also get direct air from the fan. The toes of the boots should face downward.
  • Leave the boots overnight; your leather boots will get dry.

2- Insert paper towel or newspaper inside the boots

insert and wrap with newspaper or paper towel

  • Bring newspapers or paper towels, fold them, and insert them into your leather boots. These papers will absorb all the moisture from the inside of the boots.
  • Now bring large-sized paper towels or newspapers and wrap them around the boots. They will absorb all the moisture from the boots’ outside. If you are using a newspaper, make sure to use the paper that doesn’t have any color or pictures printed on it. Otherwise, they may discolor the leather of your boots. If your boots have dark-colored leather, the chances of discoloration are low.
  • After wrapping, use rubber bands, thread, or bind with anything that can hold the paper around the boots.
  • If you are following the method to dry your leather boots, make sure to keep replacing the papers every 1-2 hours. Replace both inside and outside papers with fresh papers. You have to keep replacing the papers until the boots get fully dry.

3- Use rice to absorb moisture

use rice to absorb moisture

Rice is really good at absorbing moisture. You can get the benefit of its moisture-absorbing ability.

  • Bring a container or a bucket, large enough to adjust boots inside of it easily.
  • Pour rice inside the bucket or container; you should fill at least an inch in height with rice.
  • Now place your boots over the rice and seal or close the container.
  • Leave it overnight; the next day, you will find your boots ready to wear.

4- Take advantage of sunlight

dry leather boots in direct sunlight

If you are living in an area with good sunlight, take benefit of it. Place your boots in the direct sunlight; it is a natural and a good way to dry the boots. Don’t forget to follow the pre-drying guidelines, as mentioned above.

5- Place your leather boots in a good ventilated area to dry

A well-ventilated area where the airflow is good can also help you dry your leather boots effectively. Place the boots in any room in your home with good ventilation; your boots will dry effectively.

After Drying Process

apply leather conditioner or saddle soap after drying

Once you have dried your boots effectively if your boots are looking dull after the drying process, apply a leather conditioner or saddle soap on it to restore the look of your boots. They will give a shiny a pleasant look to your boots. There is another reason to apply the leather conditioner on the boots as well. Once the boots get wet, and then they get dry, the leather’s tannins and oils get affected, which can cause cracks on the leather boots. The leather conditioner can help preserve the oils and tannins of leather. After applying the leather conditioner, leave the boots for 20-30 minutes.

After waiting for 20-30 minutes, apply the shoe polish to give a glossy look to your leather boots. If you notice the unusual shape of boots, insert the shoe tree in them to restore the shape of your boots. All these methods will help to restore dry leather boots.

Destructive Methods to Dry Leather Boots

avoid direct heating sources to dry leather boots

These are those methods that you should never try. However, they will dry your boots very quickly, but they will cause damage to your boots as well. It’s better to choose the bit lengthy but safe methods to dry leather boots. The destructive methods that can damage your boots include devices like heater, dryer, stove, and all those devices which involve direct heat source.

Avoid drying your boots with these devices, as they will damage your boots badly. They will damage the leather and also affects negatively on the glue binding of boots. If you want high performance and durability of your leather boots, avoid using the devices with a direct heat source. Moreover, if you place your wet leather boots in front of a direct heat source, it will shrink the leather.

The Bottom Line

There are various methods to dry leather boots. Some are good, while some can damage your boots. It is necessary always to choose the right way to dry leather boots that can restore their look and doesn’t affect boots’ durability. We have mentioned all the useful methods to dry leather boots. Make sure to follow the pre-drying guidelines and then any of the drying methods. Avoid using direct heat source devices as they will damage your leather boots.

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