How to Waterproof Cowboy Boots? 3 Methods

Are your cowboy boots non-waterproof? But, do you know how to waterproof cowboy boots? If no, then don’t worry, as we have got your back here. This article will provide you different methods to waterproof your cowboy boots. If you follow any of these methods, your problem will be resolved, and you will be able to walk in your cowboy boots in the rainy season or on the watery ground.

How to waterproof cowboy boots

The rainy season is the worst enemy of cowboy boots made from leather or suede. Even if your cowboy boots are waterproof, still water will badly damage your boots. That’s why it is important to take care of your boots if you want your boots to last longer. If you don’t take care of your boots, your boots will get damage badly and will not last long.

Keep in mind, if your boots cowboy boots are made with rubber or if the boots’ inside contain gore-tex, then you can make your boots 100% waterproof with these methods. However, if your boots are not made with rubber, and the inside doesn’t contain gore-tex, then you can make your cowboy boots water-resistant but not 100% waterproof.

If you want to make your cowboy boots leak-proof, follow the below-mentioned methods. These methods will repel the water on your boots and keep your feet dry.

Few Tips Before You Start the Waterproofing of Your Cowboy Boots

  • Remove the laces of your boots.
  • We recommend you clean your boots first. Ensure your boots are fully clean. If you don’t know how to clean the boots perfectly, please follow this guide to clean boots.
  • Read the description of the product. If the manufacturer recommends some kind of protectant in the process, use that protectant as well.
  • Don’t rush in applying the product to your boots. Always test the product on the small area of your cowboy boots, especially the oil-based products. Oil-based products can darken your leather cowboy boots. If the inside of your cowboy boots also contains leather straps, test the product on that area to avoid discoloration outside the boots.
  • If you follow the spray method, please do it in the area where you don’t plan to sit again in the next few hours.

3 Best Methods to Waterproof Cowboy Boots Safely

1st Method – Mink oil

use mink oil

It is one of the most used methods worldwide to waterproof leather cowboy boots. Mink oil can fill the pores in the leather, making it water or moisture repellant. It also refreshes the natural oil of leather, giving it a fresh look. Moreover, it also protects the boot from outside abrasion that can occur due to salt, mud, and other different harmful elements. However, this method takes some time, but in the end, it’s worth spending time, as it is good for boots’ health. Remember that applying a lot of mink oil will soften your cowboy boots’ leather and clog all its pores, which won’t allow the leather to breathe. So apply a mild amount of mink oil.

How to perform this method?

It’s a really simple method. You just have to massage your boots with the mink oil. After applying on the boots’ outer side, heat the boots with a dryer or in the sunlight. The purpose of heating the boots is to soften the leather so that the mink oil can absorb deeply in the boots’ stitching and fiber. Make sure to heat the boots at a mild temperature, don’t use high temperature, as it can damage your boots. If you are using a dryer, maintain at least 6 inches distance between boots and the hairdryer. After that, use a clean cloth to wipe off the extra oil on the boots. Let the boots dry overnight.

2nd Method – Use conditioners

use leather conditioner on cowboy boots

Conditioners work great to repel water. You can use any of the good quality leather conditioners on your cowboy boots. The oil in the leather conditioner is water repellant, which can keep your feet dry. Moreover, the leather conditioner also gives a shiny look to your boots. Conditioner also protects the leather from stains. You can also find some good quality conditioners for your suede cowboy boots, which will help waterproof your boots.

How to perform this method?

Apply the conditioner on the leather of your cowboy boots. Take a soft dry towel and gently rub the conditioner on the leather in a circular motion. Make sure to apply it to all parts of the leather. After that, let the boots dry.

How much conditioner should you apply? Well, there is no hard and fast rule for that; once you notice that the leather has stopped absorbing the conditioner, you can stop applying the conditioner. You should wait at least 12 hours to dry your boots. After that, wipe out the excess oil with a dry cloth.

3rd Method – Waterproof spray for cowboy boots

use waterproof spray on cowboy boots

It is the most convenient and the most effective method to waterproof cowboy boots. Unlike other methods, you can waterproof your boots within 30 minutes with this method. The good thing about this method is that you can use this method at any time, even just before the rain. That’s why you can always keep this spray in your bag. Remember, always use the waterproof spray that is silicone-free. Silicone is not good for leather, as it can dry out the leather.

If the spray contains silicone, make sure it is in a low amount; if the spray contains an excessive amount of silicone, then don’t use it. However, if the spray is silicone-free, use it on your boots. Another benefit of waterproof spray is that it doesn’t cause any discoloration to the boots. Moreover, they are Ultraviolet resistant, that’s why they can keep your boots’ color fresh. Along with leather, these sprays can also be used to waterproof suede cowboy boots.

How to perform this method?

It’s a very simple method. Just spray around your cowboy boots, and it will create a smooth protecting layer around your boots. This layer will make your boots waterproof immediately. After that, let the boors dry. Your boots will get dry within 30 minutes. This method won’t let the water seep into your boots; also, it will be easy to wipe off the mud layer on the boots.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I waterproof my cowboy boots?

You should definitely waterproof your cowboy boots if there is a rainy or snowy season. The water is the worst enemy of leather or suede cowboy boots. It can dry out your boots and also form cracks on the boots. Similarly, snow can also damage the boots if your boots are exposed to snow for a long time. That’s why it is necessary to protect your boots from water. These methods like mink oil or waterproofing spray will help your cowboy boots last longer.

What can I use to waterproof my boots?

You can use mink oil or waterproof spray to waterproof your boots.

The Bottom Line

If there is a rainy season, you need to waterproof your cowboy boots. It will not only help to keep your feet dry but also help the boots to last longer. If the boots are not protected with a waterproofing layer and are exposed to water, they can get ruin. You can use methods like mink oil, leather conditioner, or waterproof spray to waterproof your cowboy boots.

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