What are Logger Boots? Who Can Wear them?

You may have heard about the logger boots, but do you know what kind of boots these are? Well, this article will explain in detail about these boots. After reading this article, you will be able to differentiate between the logger and other kinds of boots easily.

what are logger boots

In simple words, we can say logger boots are heavy-duty boots that are designed for loggers. But it doesn’t mean that only people that belong to the logging industry can wear these boots. All those people who work in a harsh outdoor environment can wear these boots. These boots are designed to provide protection and comfort in a harsh outdoor environment. If you are looking for these boots, you can check here the best logging boots, as these are the best boots that you can get in the market for your outdoor work.

Let’s discuss the design features of these boots in detail so that you can have in-depth knowledge about these boots.

1- The Design Features of Logger Boots

logger boots design


1.1- Goodyear welt construction

The Goodyear welt construction increases the durability of boots; that’s why you will find these boots constructed with Goodyear welt. The Goodyear construction is one of the best boot construction methods. What exactly is this construction? Well, a welt is a thin piece of leather runs along the boot’s perimeter, and in this process, the upper part, insole, midsole, and outsole of the boot are stitched together. However, the Goodyear welt construction increases the durability of boots. Also, it is water-resistant.

The disadvantage of Goodyear welt construction is that it doesn’t make boots flexible. But it doesn’t matter if you want boots for an outdoor environment because you need comfort and safety in that environment, which this method provides. Remember, if you want boots for a tough environment, you need stiff boots, not flexible ones.

1.2- Rubber outsole

These boots contain a tough rubber outsole, which makes these boots slip-resistant. You will also find the aggressive pattern on these boots’ outsoles. These outsoles are very beneficial if you have to work on uneven terrains or muddy areas. Due to these outsoles, a person who wears logger boots feels great traction while walking or running.

1.3- Steel shank

Not all but few logger boots contain a steel shank piece inside the boots. It is a flat piece that is present between the insole and outsole of the boot. This piece provides extra support and durability to the boots. Moreover, this piece prevents boots’ soles from changing their shape over time.

1.4- High heels

You will notice, these boots usually have about two inches high heels. Why do logger boots have high or raised heels? High heels provide arch support, which is beneficial while doing heavy-duty work. They also help absorbing outside shocks. Moreover, high heels have low chances of slipping.

1.5- Mid-calf lace-up boots

Logger boots usually have an 8-9 inches high shaft, which is decent for extra support and safety. Moreover, the lace-up features of these boots provide a snug fit to your feet and leg. Due to these, you can run without worrying about removing boots from the feet. Once you feel full grip from the feet, you can easily focus on your work.

1.6- Kiltie

Most of these boots contain kiltie on their vamp. Now, you may wonder why do logger boots have kilties? Because people who wear these boots, work in the harsh outdoor environment, where mud or dust can damage the tongue of boots. Kiltie is a piece of leather present on the vamp of boots, above the tongue and below the lace. Kiltie can protect the boots’ tongue from dust and mud.

2- Benefits of Logger Boots

  1. Logger boots are very tough and provide great protection to the feet. If something falls over the feet, these boots can keep your feet safe. As these boots are made for people associated with the logging industry, that’s why companies take care of all those things necessary to protect such a tough environment.
  2. These boots help you to stay focused while working on wet, muddy, or uneven terrains. Because people won’t slip in these boots, these boots don’t let your feet get dirty or wet in the wet or muddy areas. That’s the reason that many ranchers, farmers, and fence crews wear these boots while working.
  3. The waterproof material in these boots helps to keep your feet dry, cozy, and odor-free.
  4. These boots are also beneficial for riders. You may have seen some horse riders wearing logger boots. How do logger boots benefit the riders? Because these boots have raised heels which prevents the rider’s feet from slipping through the stirrup.
  5. Logger boots are also beneficial for a lineman. That’s why you may have seen many linemen wearing these boots. Why linemen wear logger boots? Because they have to climb poles, they require boots that should have sturdy shank support, slip-resistant outsoles. These boots contain all these things. Moreover, these boots are usually 7-10 inches tall, which provides protection and good support for the ankle and feet.

3- When Shouldn’t You Wear the Logger Boots?

As mentioned earlier, these boots are made for tough outdoor environments. However, if you have an indoor job, we recommend looking for other boots that fulfill your needs. For example, if you work in a warehouse, we recommend you to wear shoes suitable for the warehouse work. Logger boots are stiff, so they can’t provide you the comfort which flexible boots can provide. Moreover, these boots don’t provide easy foot movement. That’s why manufacturers manufacture different boot categories so that you can choose the boot type according to your profession. So, if you are looking for some good boots for an indoor environment or casual purposes, you shouldn’t go for logger boots.

4- Who Wears the Logger Boots?

Although there is no restriction on wearing these boots, anyone can wear them. However, these boots are made for the harsh outdoor working environment. That’s why we recommend you to wear these boots only if you belong to any of the following professions.

  • Loggers
  • Linemen
  • Trekkers
  • Bikers
  • Horse Riders
  • Farmers
  • Ranchers
  • Fence crews
  • All other outdoor harsh professions

5- Are Logger Boots Good for Concrete?

Are Logger Boots Good for Concrete

Well, it depends upon the condition. Generally, there is nothing wrong with wearing logger boots on concrete. Like, these boots are equipped with my protective features, which gives a worker piece of mind that their feet are safe. Due to this, they can stay focused. It’s true; these boots are great when it comes to providing protection and traction to the feet, as these boots have raised heels, rugged rubber outsole, top-notch leather upper, and safety toes.

Though these boots are very protective but keep in mind, these boots are stiff and heavy as well. So you won’t find comfort in these boots, which you can find in the flexible boots. That’s why you should choose boots wisely, depending upon your work condition. If you have to work on demolished concrete surfaces, or you may have to climb a lot, then definitely go for logger boots. However, if you have work on a smooth concrete surface, we won’t recommend buying these boots. Instead, we suggest you buy some flexible and comfortable boots. Also, logger boots are expensive, so there is no need to spend extra dollars on something that is not benefiting you.

6- Are Logger Boots Good for Construction Work?

Are Logger Boots Good for Construction Work

Remember, wearing suitable boots according to your job should be the first priority, that’s why the most suitable boots for this job are construction boots. However, logger boots are also good for construction work, and they are more suitable for tough outdoor jobs. On the other hand, construction sites are smooth, that’s why flexible and comfortable boots are more suitable for these jobs. Still, there are some jobs even in the construction industry where you can wear logger boots. Let’s discuss those jobs.

If you have to climb ladders up and down all day on the construction site, then logger boots are perfect for you because the raised heel in these boots gives a perfect grip that can save you from falling on the ground.

Also, suppose you have to work rural construction site where the terrain is uneven, and you need good traction. In that case, logger boots can be suitable for you because these boots are slip-resistant and provide great traction. Now, you must be clear about those situations in the construction industry where these boots are good and bad.

7- Are logger boots good for hiking?

Yes, they are good for hiking, as they have a good aggressive tread pattern that provides a strong grip and traction. Moreover, these boots are good shock absorbers and also are equipped with a lot of safety features. That’s why you can wear logger boots while hiking.

The Bottom Line

Logger boots are the tough and heavy-duty boots designed for the logging industry and all those industries similar to logging. It means you can wear these boots for all kinds of harsh outdoor jobs. These boots provide good traction, support, and safety to your feet. If you want boots for a tough outdoor job, then there are no better boots than logger boots. However, if you want some good indoor job boots, then we recommend you look for other boots, as logger boots are not suitable for these kinds of jobs.

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